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Saint Sergius Russian Orthodox Cathedral
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
Parma, Ohio


Welcome to the official website of Saint Sergius Russian Orthodox Cathedral, a parish of the Chicago and Mid-America Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

What is the Orthodox Church?

The Orthodox Church is the original Christian Church founded by Jesus and continued by his Apostles. It is the same Church described in the Bible as the Body of Christ and the Bride of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27; Ephesians 5:23–25). Throughout its 2000-year history Orthodox Christianity has remained faithful to the teachings and practices passed on from the Apostles and early Church Fathers (2 Thessalonians 2:15).

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Welcome to the official website of Saint Sergius Russian Orthodox Cathedral,
a parish of the Chicago and Mid-America Diocese of the
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

Всех Боголюбивых прихожан и всех Православных христиан

сердечно поздравляем

С Праздником праздников, Христовой Пасхой!


В светлые дни праздника Пасхи призываем вас помнить о нуждах церкви. Пожертвуйте кто сколько сможет на свою церковь к празднику Св. Пасхи. Только с вашей посильной помощью и финансовой поддержкой приход сможет продолжить свою священную миссию. Да благословит Господь Бог вашу щедрость сторицею!



We are greeting all our God loving parishioners and all Orthodox Christians with the Feast of feasts – CHRIST’S PASCHA!

Throughout these festive Paschal days we call upon you to remember the needs of our church. Please make your donation to your church, as much as you can, for the Feast of Christ Pascha. Only with your help and financial support our parish will be able to continue fulfilling its divine mission. May God bless your generosity a hundred fold!CHRIST IS RISEN! – TRULY HE IS RISEN!




Beloved in the Lord brothers and sisters,


I have been waiting until the last minute to address you with this letter, in hopes that circumstances would change and I would be able to bring you the good news that all would be invited to come to the services for Holy week and Pascha. Unfortunately, as you know the pandemic has not decreased enough to allow for this. It is in fact expected to peak right around our Pascha. Unfortunately, Cuyahoga county has some of the highest cases in the area. Because of this, with a very heavy heart our Hierarch has blessed us to continue praying and attending services via online streaming. As unfortunate as it is, we must realize and remember that this is God’s will for us this year.


Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 7:21)

God is protecting his people just like He once saved the Israelites in Egypt. He instructed them to stay at home and by marking their doors they escaped the plague of death. 

“And the children of Israel went away, and did as the Lord had commanded Moses and Aaron, so did they. And it came to pass, that at midnight the Lord smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sat on his throne unto the firstborn of the captive that was in the dungeon; and all the firstborn of cattle.

And Pharaoh rose up in the night, he, and all his servants, and all the Egyptians; and there was a great cry in Egypt; for there was not a house where there was not one dead.” (Exodus 12:28-30)


Our times today resemble those times in the history of the chosen people of Israel. We as Orthodox Christians are the new Israel of the New Testament. It seems that God has deemed to awaken us from our sinful pride through these trying times. Just like the Israelites, we shall obey our God and be saved through this plague by celebrating Pascha in our homes and in our hearts. Let us never despair but be sure in God’s love and endless mercy for his people. Apostle Paul instructs us to make our homes into little churches. This time it is crucial more than ever before.


We have been extremely blessed with technology that allows us to live stream our services and provide it to you in the comfort of your own home. However, please be reminded that when you watch these services you are to participate through prayer in these services. One should always stand in reverence if physically possible and act and behave as if you were standing in church- rather than treating it as yet another pious entertainment. Our live streams will continue throughout this quarantine on Facebook and Youtube. I ask you to continue to stay home and join us in prayer through this medium. We the clergy of our Cathedral have not ceased and continue to serve all the services and pray for all of you. You can contact me for commemorating names and for putting up candles for all the services.


All of the sacraments are available for you by scheduling an appointment with me outside the service times. Everyday of the week throughout Holy week & Bright week and until this quarantine is lifted, I can confess and commune you. Confessions should still be written out before hand and handed to the priest from the bottom of the steps. He will read the prayer of absolution over you afterwards. This will be done one family at a time without exceeding the limit of 10 people. During that time, you can come and light candles and venerate the relics as I know and understand how much you miss our church. I ask you to wear masks and wipe off any surfaces you come in contact with after you are finished. The elderly, children and anyone immuno-compromised should not enter the church for the time being.




As far as blessing Kulichi and Pascha, we plan on executing a drive through line where you remain in your car and the priest will bless your basket. This blessing will only be done AFTER the Saturday morning service and the Sunday mid-day service NOT during the midnight Pascha service. We kindly ask and expect everyone to stay home for the midnight service. If you are unable to come at those two times to bless your basket, you are permitted to use your Holy water and bless it yourself. It should be done by sprinkling it three times- in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


My dear parishioners, as you may or may not know, income during Great Lent, especially Holy week and Pascha from the sale of candles, prosphora and donations makes up a large portion of our annual income. This year, because of the quarantine we are suffering a great financial loss. We feel that the value of human life and your safety is far more valuable than any revenue. However, without action this loss will devastate our annual budget. Our bills have not changed but the church’s income has CEASED. It is our duty and responsibility to support and keep our church alive. This can only be done by your great generosity. I strongly encourage you to please support your home parish by perhaps doubling or possibly even tripling your donation this year so that we can make up for this great loss. We must act now! It is only through your generous support our parish can continue to exist and carry on it’s salvific mission. At this very difficult time, your support is vital to the existence of our parish. May the Lord reward your generosity a hundred-fold. I have enclosed an envelope for your Paschal donation in this bulletin for your convenience. As always, any donation is tax deductable. Also, during this quarantine many of you are shopping on Amazon. Please, make our church your charity on Amazon Smile so that a percentage of anything you spend will be donated to our church from Amazon. You must purchase it through Amazon Smile not just Amazon. We now have  a DONATE button both on our Webpage and our Facebook page for your conveniance. (FYI- the processing bank takes 30 c. +2.75% of every donation from our webpage) I thank you in advance for your generosity.


Our chapel is open for you at all times for your convenience. It is supplied with candles and commemoration slips. This year we have placed the blessed pussy willows there from Palm Sunday. Please take only 1 or 2 as we were not able to order our usual amount due to the virus. If there is someone in the chapel already, please wait until they leave before you enter in order to observe the proper social distancing protocol.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being understanding and supportive during this trying time. I wish you all a joyous Pascha and greet you with the radiant words, “ Christ is Risen - Indeed He is Risen.”


With Love in the Resurrected Christ,


Fr. Ilya

For the MAY Schedule of Services here


Our Cathedral serves all the Sacraments and Services of the Orthodox Church: Confession, Communion, Baptism, Wedding, Holy Unction, Funeral, Panikhida, Molebens, Akathists, House Blessings, etc. Depending on the specifics of each service, they can be served in our Cathedral, as well as at the home or in the hospital (for the sick). Each service should be arranged ahead of time with the Priest. For more information, please contact Fr. Ilia at 440-382-9763

Orthodox Christians, brothers and sisters!

On our sinful earth the holy Church is the only place where we can get away from life's storms and inclemency, from the world's moral filth. The Church is an image of heaven on earth; within the temple the heavenly powers serve invisibly. Remember and know: the Holy Temple is the House of God, in which God Himself is invisibly present. For this reason, our behavior in the temple should correspond to its holiness and its greatness.
1. Enter the church with humility and meekness, so as to leave justified, as the humble publican of the Gospel.

2. When you enter the temple and see the holy icons, think about the fact that the Lord Himself and all the Saints are looking at you; be particularly reverent and have the fear of God.

3. Always come to the beginning of the service, If for some important reason you are late, be careful not to disturb the prayer of those already there. If you come to church during the reading of the Gospel, stand at the entrance doors until the end of the reading: when it is finished, quietly go to your place.

4. When you take your place in the church and others are standing nearby, greet them with a silent nod; never, even with close friends shake hands or ask any questions, Be sincerely modest in church

5, If you come to church with children, see that they behave themselves properly, meekly, that they not be noisy; teach them to understand and know how one should behave in church; accustom them to pray. If the children have to leave the church, tell them to cross themselves and to leave quietly or take them out yourself.

6. Pray in church as if you yourself are participating in the Divine services and not simply attending, that those prayers and hymns which are being read and chanted come from your heart; attentively follow the holy Service, in order to pray together with everyone and to pray for that which the whole Church is praying for.

7. While still at home, before going to church, prepare your money for candles, prosphora and the collection plates; avoid having to make change at the candle counter; this necessitates talking and disturbs the service and those praying.

8. Never, without extreme need, leave the church before the end of the service; this indicates disrespect for the holiness of the church and is a sin before God. If it happens that you do leave early, you should mention this to the priest in confession.

9. Approach Holy Communion humbly and reverently, crossing your hands on your chest; with faith and love receive the Holy Mysteries of God; then, without crossing yourself, kiss the chalice, so as not to bump It accidentally, and quietly return to your place, and do not leave the church without listening to the thanksgiving prayers to the Lord God, after communion.

Archbishop Vitaly (Maximenko, +1960)
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